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Man Bicep Push Up Craze – Attempting The Impossible Push Up

Here are our first attempts at The Impossible. Try it!

Push ups everywhere even in the air!

So the Man Bicep Mom and my sister, Drew, sent me some wonderful push up pictures.

They did some primal push ups while hiking…

Drew doing a push up onto a log

The Man Bicep Mom busting out a push up on a log

And Drew took some more while she was rock climbing!

Thank you Man Bicep Mom and Drew!!!

Now…Where else can we bust out some push ups?

Push ups here, push ups there…push ups when you’re almost bare!

Lisa is the ONLY girl doing a push up outside in 31 degree weather in a bathing suit.

Thank you Lisa! We expect a new one from the Santa Speedo Run this year!

Thank you also for this picture from after your run! Nice handstand push up!

She may have bonked her head doing a full push up...but this is AMAZING!

And the Push Ups Continue…

Thank you Nancy for your push up in our lobby!

Look at that decline push up!

Man Bicep Push Up Craze!!!

Where do you do your push ups!?! Send us a picture for a Man Bicep t-shirt.

Planking – Not the exercise

So yesterday night, Candy Ryan and I watched the new Office episode. It talked about the new trend of planking in random places. Of course I was upset to realize that by planking they didn’t mean this:

But this:

This second version could, I guess, really work your core depending on how and where you decided to plank, but still…I was sad to find out people weren’t exercising in random places.

I’ve decided Man Bicep should start a new trend…push ups in random places!!! haha Maybe we will try to start this one today…. 🙂

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