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Leading by example

I’ve always been a firm believer in leading by example. I won’t ask anyone to do something that I don’t or won’t do myself.

And I constantly ask people to push their limits – to take on challenges that may be outside of their comfort zone.

So here’s me stepping outside my comfort zone.

I don’t like entering competitions like the Under Armour “What’s Beautiful” challenge.

I don’t know why I don’t like doing things like this. I just don’t ever feel comfortable doing them. They make me super nervous.

This sounds silly, right? I mean I’m the person that has freaking photos of herself up all over the blog and post about herself every day.

But it’s true. These competitions aren’t comfortable for me to do.

But I think Under Armour has created something great here, which is why I’m challenging myself to participate. This a chance to show what it means to be a true female athlete.

Each participant must state a goal. And most of the goals people set have an end date – a clear conclusion. Compete in a triathlon. Run a 5k. Do an Ironman.

But what if your goal is just to be able to do everything – to be a renaissance fitness woman? What if your goal has no end date?

What if what you really want to prove is that a TRUE female athlete is a woman who has the drive and determination to take on any physical challenge that comes her way?

Then you come to this conclusion….My goal is:

I will be S.T.R.O.N.G.E.R. I will SUCCEED. I will be TENACIOUS. I will be a ROLE MODEL. I will OVERCOME OPPOSITION. I will NEVER LOSE HEART. I will GROW. I will be EMPOWERED. I will be a REAL WOMAN.

I hope you all will support me on my journey to show just how STRONG all of us REAL female athletes are!

P.S. If you search for me, I’m listed as Cori L.

Top 10 Health and Fitness Documentaries

I would definitely define myself as a health and fitness addict. And as an addict, I love watching health and fitness documentaries. Below are 10 of my favorite documentaries in no particular order.

1. Bigger, Faster, Stronger –  Do Americans try to win at any cost? This documentary looks at steroids use and how it relates to the American Dream. I love one of the question posed by the documentary. Do you cheat to win if that is what everyone else is doing?

2. Food Inc – This is the first documentary I watched about the food industry. Some people I’ve talked to about this movie have said that this movie made them want to be vegetarians. It didn’t have that effect on me. Instead it made me more committed to only buying free-range, grass-fed meat. It has made me want to support the local, farmers who do it the “right way.” Check out U.S. Wellness Meats.

3. Pumping Iron – It’s a film about Arnold Schwarzenegger and the “golden age” of bodybuilding. What’s not to love? haha

4. Fat Head – I hesitated to watch this movie as I heard it was about losing weight while eating fast food. BUT it is probably my FAVORITE documentary about food and health! It talks about how fast food, and fatty foods, aren’t the problem, but that vegetable oils and carbs are. It makes you question conventional wisdom, which means this documentary gets a BIG THUMBS UP from me!!!!

5. Super Size Me – While I now see lots of flaws in this documentary, it is still definitely worth watching. This documentary reveals a lot about the fast food industry and even shows how the industry may be encouraging poor nutrition for its own profit. And the fact that McDonald’s food doesn’t rot after being left out for a month is a bit gross.

Again with the food stuffed in the mouth.

6. I Want to Look Like that Guy –  If you are always working to get perfect six-pack abs, you should watch this. Stuart shows you what it really takes to look like a fitness model/bodybuilder.

7. The Future of Food – What is your opinion about genetically engineered crops? Are they the answer to the world food crisis? Watch this movie. Then let me know what you think.

8. King Corn – Almost everything we eat contains corn.  (Uhmm….I think this fact is VERY disturbing!!!!) All this corn that we are growing provides cheap food for our population…it may also be killing us….

9. Heavy – So this isn’t a documentary. It is actually a show on A&E. I was surprised that I liked this show since I don’t like Biggest Loser. I don’t like that show, and others like it, because I don’t think they help people make lifestyle changes. They just simply help people lose weight. BUT Heavy helps people change their lifestyle. They provide obese people with the tools they need to turn their lives around. I LOVE THIS SHOW!

10. ESPN 30 for 30 – Into the Wind – 30 for 30 is more of a documentary series on ESPN, but I love the “Into the Wind” episode. I have only one word to say about this episode – motivational.


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