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Playing in the Park

So yesterday was beautiful outside so Ryan and I went to the park for a little outdoor workout session.

Some “rock climbing.” And some nice graffiti too…”FREE.”

Some handstand holds and push ups maybe? 🙂

We compiled a few things into a video for one of the Under Armour What’s Beautiful challenges. The challenge was to come up with an excuse to not accomplish your goal and then show yourself defying it.

My excuse was “noise” – doubts and negativity from other people and my own self doubts.

But I overcome all the noise by putting on my headphones and focusing on my workout!

P.S. Can I just say I love to swing on the monkey bars!?!

Man Biceps Unite!

Ok I’m in a weird, but HAPPY!, mood today if you can’t tell from the title.

Anyway, I told you a few days ago that I joined the Under Armour What’s Beautiful competition.

And I also told you that I usually don’t like these challenges.

But I have to say, I’m really enjoying it. Actually I’m a bit obsessed and I’m sure Ryan has heard more than he wants about it over the last two days. (Of course, he is always supportive, but I do feel bad about the constant chatter!)

One of the challenges in the competition is to get other people to join.

I don’t endorse things I don’t believe in. While there are ads on my site, none of them are things I posted.

While I love p90x, when Beachbody contacted me about promoting products (but I wouldn’t get to try them first), I turned down the offer.

I don’t endorse things I can’t vouch for – things that I haven’t TRIED.

But I like this competition.

Under Armour has created a social network full of wonderful people who are all there to achieve their fitness goals. The competition provides a great support network AND provides ACCOUNTABILITY!

It is a great opportunity for anyone looking for a little extra push to achieve their goals.

I would love if you all joined the competition with me and sent me your picture, with the Man Bicep showing of course! Show me yours and show the world “What’s Beautiful!” 🙂

Leading by example

I’ve always been a firm believer in leading by example. I won’t ask anyone to do something that I don’t or won’t do myself.

And I constantly ask people to push their limits – to take on challenges that may be outside of their comfort zone.

So here’s me stepping outside my comfort zone.

I don’t like entering competitions like the Under Armour “What’s Beautiful” challenge.

I don’t know why I don’t like doing things like this. I just don’t ever feel comfortable doing them. They make me super nervous.

This sounds silly, right? I mean I’m the person that has freaking photos of herself up all over the blog and post about herself every day.

But it’s true. These competitions aren’t comfortable for me to do.

But I think Under Armour has created something great here, which is why I’m challenging myself to participate. This a chance to show what it means to be a true female athlete.

Each participant must state a goal. And most of the goals people set have an end date – a clear conclusion. Compete in a triathlon. Run a 5k. Do an Ironman.

But what if your goal is just to be able to do everything – to be a renaissance fitness woman? What if your goal has no end date?

What if what you really want to prove is that a TRUE female athlete is a woman who has the drive and determination to take on any physical challenge that comes her way?

Then you come to this conclusion….My goal is:

I will be S.T.R.O.N.G.E.R. I will SUCCEED. I will be TENACIOUS. I will be a ROLE MODEL. I will OVERCOME OPPOSITION. I will NEVER LOSE HEART. I will GROW. I will be EMPOWERED. I will be a REAL WOMAN.

I hope you all will support me on my journey to show just how STRONG all of us REAL female athletes are!

P.S. If you search for me, I’m listed as Cori L.

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