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Man Bicep Push Up Craze – Attempting The Impossible Push Up

Here are our first attempts at The Impossible. Try it!

Push Ups and Pilates

We were determined to conquer “The Impossible.” What is “The Impossible” you ask?

It is a ridiculously hard push up designed by Tony Horton. To perform The Impossible, you must have a yoga ball and a medicine ball. You must balance your hands on one medicine ball with your feet up on the yoga ball.

I discovered The Impossible the other day while I was reading The Great Fitness Experiment. Charlotte and her gym buddies decided to attempt it. I must give them kudos…a few bruises and multiple attempts later, they did accomplish a few reps of The Impossible.

Which of course presented a challenge to me. If they could do it, then I had to too! Plus, it fit right into our Push Up Craze! How could I turn down an opportunity to do a crazy push up!?!

So today we set about attempting The Impossible. I have our attempts (and our eventual success) on tape!

People usually say something is easier than it looks…this push up is not one of those things! Anyway, I’ll post the video as soon as I’ve put some awesome music behind it! 🙂

After we attempted The Impossible, we did a nice heavy squat and pull up day (with some shoulders) before heading out to Pilates. The squats (after 2 hours of spin yesterday) weren’t easy today. Actually they sucked.

And pull ups…not my best day BUT I’m still happy with 30 unassisted pull ups. AND Candy has set a new PR with 7 unassisted pull ups!!! YAY for Beast Jr.!!

Tired but happy, we then headed over to BodyScapes Brookline for our first Pilates session on the reformer machines. (A BIG shout out to all of our peeps over at Brookline…SEND US PUSH UP PICTURES!!!!).

Anyway, Mike set us up with a session with Devona (who is AMAZING!). We did a variety of different moves on the machines. Devona complimented us on our strength…DUH!…we are Man Bicepers! 😉

BUT she also pointed out how freaking tight we both are! 😦 I’m ashamed to admit it…but it’s true…My shoulders are SUPER SUPER tight and Candy’s hamstrings…WOAH! haha

She pushed and pulled but  most of the time we didn’t budge. We may be strong, but our flexibility definitely needs some work!

So starting Monday…flexibility will be a new priority of the Man Bicep sisters!

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