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A Full-Body Suspension Trainer Workout

The other day on Redefining Strength I wrote a post about 10 Great Suspension Trainer Exercises. Below is a full-body metabolic workout using some of those moves.

It just takes 30 minutes and will work your entire body! (Of course I recommend a good dynamic warm up with some foam rolling before hand (and after!) so maybe about 35-40 minutes…)

suspension trainer exercises

Full-Body Suspension Trainer Workout 

Stretch and Foam Roll:


Set a timer for 30 minutes and complete as many rounds of the circuit below as possible. Rest only as needed between exercises and rounds. Pick a variation of each exercise (and a rep number) that you can do without going to failure on any of the exercises. You want to be able to move from one exercise to another quickly. The point of this workout is constant movement.

10-15 reps per side Balance Lunge
10-15 reps Inverted Row
10-15 reps Push Ups
10-15 reps per side Mt. Climbers

Stretch and Foam Roll:

How many rounds did you get in the 30 minutes? Record your number and try to beat it next week!

Note: Not sure how to do one of the moves above, check out these 10 Suspension Trainer Exercises for descriptions and pictures of each move!

Babies do it – So should we!

I hear too many people complain that they just don’t have time to go to the gym. That they just don’t have time to get in a good workout.


You only need 20 minutes to get in a killer workout. You just need to pick the right exercises.

And crawling would be one of those killer exercises that are perfect to include in a workout when you don’t have much time.

Yea you can make crawling more difficult by adding in chains and weights and such, but you really don’t even need more than your body weight to get in a great workout using crawling.

You can go forward, backward, left and right and do a bunch of different types of crawls. You work your arms and legs and core. AND you will get out of breath doing it if you push yourself to go fast.

Really crawling works it all.

A great crawl to start with is either the baby crawl (basic) or the table top or bear crawl.

To crawl forwards and backwards:

  1. Start on your hands and knees with your knees under your hips and your hands under your shoulders.
  2. If you can, lift your knees off the ground so you are on your toes and hands. If this is too much at the beginning, start with a baby crawl from your hands and knees.
  3. Begin to move forward with a contralateral movement – opposite hand and opposite foot move. Ex: Reach out with your right hand and bring your left knee up to the back of your left wrist. Then bring your left hand forward and your right knee.
  4. Keep crawling forward for a set amount of feet. Keep a nice table top position with your back. Don’t put your butt up in the air and keep your core tight.
  5. Once you reach the end of your set distance. Crawl backwards. You will do the same movement just going backwards. This will feel awkward. Do not get too spread out.

To crawl sideways:

  1. Set up the same way you did with the forward crawl except facing sideways.
  2. Have your hands wide and your feet together.
  3. As you move sideways, you will bring your feet wide and your hands together and then bring your hands back wide and your feet together.
  4. Repeat this motion all the way down and back.
  5. You can also straighten your knees and remain in a high plank if you would like to change it up.
  6. Again keep your hips down! No butts up in the air.

The crawl can be used as part of your warm up or added to your workout. Either way you will work your entire body and get some cardio out of it!

Yesterday I incorporated crawling into my workout out at the park and it only took about 20 minutes! Yay sun and yay crawling!

Weekly Workout

10 rounds as fast as possible

5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 body weight squats
50 ft crawl forwards
50 ft crawl backwards

I’m pretty sure this is the look I gave Ryan at some point during this deadly quick workout.

Feeling Tired

I love feeling completed exhausted after my workouts. I love that feeling of just wanting to sit on the couch and not move for a couple of hours.

I especially love that feeling when it takes me less than 30 minutes to get it!

Like today, Ryan and I went down to the gym in our apartment building. This honestly is one of the most ridiculous gyms I’ve ever seen. Four treadmills, two recumbent bikes, a bench press machine, a leg extension machine and one functional trainer (aka a cable machine with a pull up bar). It also has medicine balls up to 10lbs and 3 kettlebells ranging from like 2lbs to 20lbs. Not exactly a personal trainers dream gym.

BUT that didn’t stop us from getting in a killer workout in the very small space that we had. We mostly wanted a cardio workout after doing the 300 yesterday.

So we did:

4 rounds as fast as possible of:

400m Run
20 Burpees (Chest touches the ground on each one)
20 Sit-ups
1 minute wall sit

Great workout that took less than 15 minutes. I got a nice sweat going and my legs started to burn during wall sits especially after the 50 deadlifts yesterday!

Yep..A great cardio session in less than 15 minutes. So why are you spending an hour on the treadmill?

Below is another great workout although it took a bit longer between the heavy lift and the circuit. Still under an hour though (I didn’t really pay attention to exactly how long).


Back squat 5×5

Auxiliary Lift circuit: 5 rounds as fast as possible

500m Row
15ea 1 Leg Squats
30 Box Jumps
30 KB Swings
30 Jump Knee Tucks (Jump as high as you can and bring your knees to your chest as much as possible)

Also, an awesome “Show Me Yours” photo from Francine. A different way to show off her Man Biceps and Man Lats!

Nice back muscles!

Now go workout and have a great Sunday and a great Easter or Passover! 🙂

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